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Connector Mate/Demate Automation - Coming Soon!

This Mate/Demate system automates the quality flow of connector mating and demating operations in high reliability applications where each connector mate and demate operation must be recorded.  


Small Mobile Device for Recording Connector Mate/Demate Events

-        Touch Screen

-        5MP Camera

-        WiFi or Direct Connect for Communication with Server/Workstation

PC/Windows Based Server for Database Hosting

-        Microsoft SQL Server Express Based Database

Workstation/Server for Database Creation and Reports

-        Multiple Workstation Capability To Support Large Area Access

Multiple Project Database Administration

-        One Server Can Support Multiple Projects

-        Easy Project Archive and Retrieval

The Mate-Demate system consists of a PC based server, optionally additional networked PC based workstations, and mobile devices used by operators to record the mate and demate operations.  The PC based database software maintains connector information that may be structured for multiple projects.  Connectors are identified by a barcode where the label may be applied directly to the connector or to a template card located near the equipment.  

Operators record a mate or demate operation on the mobile device. The operator scans the bar codes to identify the connectors, and using the built in camera on the mobile device, takes a close up pictures of the contacts of the connectors.  This information is transferred to the database on the server which stores the event along with pictures and updates the database with mate /demate number of cycles and percentage of end of life limits.  The PC based database permits reports to be easily generated detailing the current state connector reliability on the project.

For information on product availability and system configurations, please contact us at your convenience.

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