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Modular Series Breakout Boxes

SEI’s MODULAR Series Breakout Box can support almost any style of panel mounted connectors with switch/test points configured for up to 225 circuits.  The breakout box is packaged in a rugged aluminum attaché case with removable lid that is ideal for bench and field test applications.

MOD 128(20 Switch/Test Point Row Width) and 
MOD 29(10 Switch/Test Point Row Width) 
MODULAR Breakout Boxes

The MODULAR Series Breakout Box maintains different electrical characteristics depending on the Row Width of the Switch/Test Point array.  Smaller Row Widths can carry higher currents, up to 13 Amps for the 10 Switch/Test Point Row Width.  Larger Row Widths of Switch/Test Points carry lower currents but permit more circuits in the breakout box when required for connectors with higher numbers of circuits.

Test point configurations are available with tip, mini-banana (2mm), or banana (4mm) test points and switch and no-switch configurations are available.  The 10 Row Width provides safe resistors in series with test points when configured with toggle switches.
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