Odds are that if you are visiting our site and reading this post, you have a good idea as to what a breakout box is, a piece of electrical testing equipment that you use to test and/or make electrical connections which can be simply electrical connections or connections for something more specific such as audio or computer equipment. They work by separating a connector’s aggregated connections.

However, you may not truly understand what types of accessories you may need if you work with breakout boxes. Some of the more common breakout box accessories are:

Test DVM Lead
These replace the leads that probably came with your breakout box. They normally come with banana plug terminations and precision tips.

Test BNC Twin Lead
The British Naval Connector twin lead has a coaxial connector on its fat end and then two, or twin, precision tips at the other end. Though not always, they are often used on audio equipment.

Test Jumper Set
Test jumper sets let you connect individual signal lines so that you can use them or test them.

Breakout Box Case
Although breakout boxes are made to be robust enough to withstand many environments, sometimes a breakout box needs an extra layer of protection. If this is your situation, get a breakout box case. These hard-shelled, briefcase-like cases are very effective at keeping your breakout box safe and secure.

Shorting Plug
These simple things simply plug into the inputs of your breakout box you do not use. Of course, you do not HAVE to use these, but, they will help keep your inputs clean and clear of gunk.

Gender Changer
A gender changer does exactly what its name says it does. Available in a wide range of sizes, a gender changer converts a male plug into a female one and visa-versa.