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Circular Series Breakout Boxes

Silver Engineering’s Circular Series Breakout Boxes feature D38999/ series III connectors. All connectors come standard with Nickel finish and normal key rotation(N). Standard models include one Socket and one Pin connector. Other connector arrangements, rotation, and finishes are available upon request. Choose between Tip Jacks, Mini Banana, or Banana Jacks. Toggle switches are included. 

Circular Series Breakout Boxes incorporate both internal circuit board and harness wiring. All units utilize M16878/1 type wire. 20AWG for size 20 contacts and 22AWG for size 22 contacts.
Circular Series Breakout Boxes use a color-coding scheme as an aid. The Red jacks connect to the Red TP (RTP) side connector with socket contacts and the Black jacks connect to the Black TP (BTP) side connector with pin contacts. Toggling the switch will make or break connection between corresponding pins.

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