SpaceWire Breakout Board

The SpaceWire standard defines a bi-directional data link specifically designed for communication between sub-systems on spacecrafts.  Each forward and return paths of a SpaceWire link consists of a DATA and STROBE signal.  Each signal uses 100 Ohm Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) for electrically communicating the potentially high data rates of the link.
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Safe-To-Mate Procedures & Protocol

During flight hardware integration, priority and precedence must be given to completion of the electrical power interface Safe-To-Mate procedures. Priority and precedence for testing flight hardware implies that Safe-To-Mate is the first test procedure during integration. No other electrical integration procedures should commence until Safe-To-Mate procedure is completed. Incorrect power interfaces have caused more flight hardware damage than any other electronic hardware failure mode.
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Breakout Box Accessories 101

Odds are that if you are visiting our site and reading this post, you have a good idea as to what a breakout box is. However, you may not truly understand what types of accessories you may need if you work with breakout boxes.
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